Friday, September 12, 2014

My fish story

I just realized I didn't write about our salmon fishing expedition. It was fun for me!  I loved being out on the ocean!  It was gorgeous!  We left at 6 am to get a head start on the fish I guess. The sun was coming up as we left the harbor.  We went out quite a ways.  The water was quite choppy, it was a lot like a roller coaster!  We were all feeling great the first hour and we caught the first fish!  Well, Mel caught the first, Norm caught the second, and Cindy caught the third.  I didn't mind, because it was all so beautiful and it was so exhilarating riding the waves.   But Cindy started feeling seasick and we all felt bad for her.  It was about then that I caught a fish, really big!  Norm helped me reel it in.  And then he caught another fish. So we got five large salmon!  They should be good eating. They are all cleaned and wrapped and in a freezer waiting for us to take them home with us tomorrow.  I think I could have stayed out there all day, but the rest of our group were very glad to get back to shore.   As we were coming in we saw about four whales!  It was quite thrilling.  Anyway, here's a few photos.  You'll have to tap on them to see the whole picture. This app won't size them properly. 

                                                           This was my fish!

The End;)  Me

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LeAnn said...

Wow, that does look like a lot of fun. I am glad you all caught a fish and then saw some Whales. I love Salmon; it is my favorite fish to eat.
I can tell you enjoyed these moments.