Wednesday, September 17, 2014

My Own Cheerleader:)

Good evening!  I have been a bit under the weather as they say.  But I think I am rising back up above the clouds.  I just heard a quote that is helping a little.  “It is never too late to be what you might have been.” ― George Eliot.  I like that a lot!!!   I guess sometimes I start feeling like it is too late.  So it is nice to read a bit of encouragement.
I guess I have been feeling the 65 year old slump.  All of the reminders of medicare that arrive in the mail every day to remind me that old age is just around the corner have not been helping.  But last night Mel and I went over to a friend in the ward who sells insurance for medicare, and after a long deliberation I finally selected a medigap plan.  I am actually pretty excited about it.  I will have such good coverage for about a quarter of what I am paying now for very poor coverage.  So I guess that is one more perk of growing older.  Of course it would be better if I didn't need health insurance.  But that is not happening!  It will be nice knowing that I am covered whatever life presents.
The other thing I am bothered with is how very isolated I feel living out here in the country.  I didn't feel that way when Mel worked in the shop here.  But now that he is working downtown I am mostly alone.  And I don't like it.  So I have started looking at other homes for sale closer in.  I am not sure that would solve the problem.  But it might be worth a move to see.  We live so far out, that even my kids don't visit much. It is quite a drive out to our house.   Do I sound like a whiny, needy, old lady?  Well, I guess I feel like I am becoming one, and it is not what I want to become.  So I need to take some positive action.  I guess I could get back in school.  Maybe do a major in landscape architecture:)  But that just sounds like hard work.  I will solve this!  So I am sorry for the whining.  I am really doing fine.  It just hits me every so often that I need to change things around a little.
I was thinking today about our boat captain on the salmon fishing boat.  He was probably a few years younger than me....and he had been out on the ocean fishing for 40 years!  He said he had started as a boy, going out with his dad.  I thought how it was so second nature for him to run around on the boat, so sure footed.  Every time I tried to move I felt like I was going to be thrown overboard....the waves kept the boat rocking every which way!  It was so scary to me.  But he hopped around like it was no big deal.  And I suppose that is how it is with whatever you spend your life doing.  It becomes very comfortable.  I feel that way around children and teens and even young adults....comfortable and at ease.  I know what to say and how to say it because I have spent my whole life doing just that.  But I don't feel so comfortable about my art work.  It still feels awkward and with each painting I feel like I am such a beginner.  It may be the reason I am so afraid to keep at it.  But I think I am going to post that George Eliot quote above my easel and keep trying.  This is me giving myself a pep talk!
So I hope all is happy and well in cyberspace tonight.  I am still pulling for you!!!!!  Have a wonderful night!!!!!!!!  Melody

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LeAnn said...

Oh my gosh you better keep up with your art work. I loved seeing your work in progress and finished project. You really are good. You do the kind of art I like. Have you done any paintings for you children or hubby. You should think about doing that.
I really like the country but I probably wouldn't like being too far out.
Maybe share with me what Medicare insurance you got. Right now I am covered under my husband's insurance and i have Medicare A. However, his insurance isn't all that great.
We are older than 65 and could change anytime; just can't decide when.
Blessings for you as you make your decisions on where to live.