Monday, September 22, 2014

Shipping Clerk

Today seems like a good day to announce that I am going to be working on another blog.  It won't be like this one, which is mostly my recordings of the happenings in my days....rather dull and non eventful.  But I will not quit, because it helps me immensely...with memory mostly.  But also it helps to think about my life and what direction I am headed.  I mostly use this as a clearing place for my head, and to keep myself positive.  The other blog will be more thoughtful, published less, and I may occasionally use it as a platform to lecture to the world.  It seems to me the world could use a lecture or two.  Of course, I will have to be careful to not get too full of myself.  I am always open to other opinions, as long as they are kind:)  I am still figuring out a name.  All of the ones I wanted were already taken.  Sigh!
In my life today, I went back to work.  I have been working here and there for Mel and our little plastic business on and off for several years.  But today I committed myself to be a better helpmeet.  I guess Mel has needed someone to help in the office, but was afraid to say too much because he felt like he shouldn't compel me to work for him.  But when I explained to him how useless and un needed I have been feeling, he agreed that perhaps he really could use my help on a more consistent basis.  So I think it will be good for both of us.  He will have more time to work on molds, and I will handle things like invoices and billing and payroll.  Today I ordered material from three different companies.  It was kind of fun!  It reminded me of when I used to work as a shipping clerk for Hexcel Corp.  many long years ago.  I only worked there a couple of summers, and I was only the shipping clerk for about six weeks while Verla, the real shipping clerk, had surgery and recovered from surgery.  I wasn't a very fast typist, and I remember I was a disappointment to my boss.  He actually said he wouldn't have hired me if he had known how much typing I would have to do.  I did get to be a pretty fast typer by the end of my two summers, but never as fast as Verla, who could type at 120 wpm!  I think when I started I typed about 40 wpm.  I told my boss that when he hired me, but he thought I would only have to answer the phone and file.  Funny memories!  I can remember I got in trouble when a salesman called and wanted to talk to Jim.  I called for Jim over the loudspeaker, but he didn't answer.  So I decided I had better go find him.  I wandered around the plant for about 20 minutes looking for him!  The salesman finally hung up, but then he called my boss and told him how I had left him hanging on the phone line.  Ha, ha!  I thought it was funny then too.  I didn't get fired, but I did get scolded.  The thing I remember most about that job is the thick haze of smoke that hung in the office.  Everyone smoked!!!  Except me.  But I had to wash my hair everyday because it would get so gunked up with the smoke.  I don't think they would pass today's standards.  It's odd how some things have changed for the better, and some things are so much worse.
Well, I had better get on with today.  Have a happy family night!!!  I'm planning on it!!!  Melody

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LeAnn said...

Wow, looks like a few changes for you. I will look forward to your new blog when you get it up and running.
However, I do enjoy this one. I think it is because we think a like in many ways; probably due to us being around the same age.
My husband works at home and I really like it. I am sure you will enjoy being with him more.
Your story about typing and your job brought back a memory of a job I had once.
Blessings for the memories and good luck on the new direction.