Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Working Girl

My second day at work, and I feel like I am helping Mel quite a bit.  Today I went with our bookkeeper to meet with the accountant's assistant.  So Mel was able to stay at work and work on the mold he is stressing about.  That was good.  Except, I feel like I am the new girl on the block.  I really did not help much in the meeting, except to smooth feelings afterwards.  I guess I am not as easily ruffled by other people's personalities.  I had to assure our bookkeeper that she was doing a great job, and that the assistant was always a little critical of our poor record keeping.  It was no reflection on her....etc., etc.  It's true.  We have not always been up to speed with quickbooks, and every once in a while we discover one more mistake we have made.  Today it was a few thousand dollars put in the wrong category last year...so it was difficult to know how to fix our mistake, now that the taxes are already in. We had to pay more taxes because of the mistake, so I think the accountant's assistant might have been a little defensive.  I am not sure.  I only know it got a little tense between the two ladies, and I just sat there smiling, hoping they would soon figure it all out.  They eventually did, and I think they are on OK terms.  At least I hope so:)  I think it will help that I am there eventually.  I did learn the difference between a customer and a vendor:)  I think I knew that before, just not where to look for it on purchase orders and invoices.
Pretty exciting, huh?  I also got to see my two sons in law and my grandson who all work there with Mel.  That was the fun part for me.  I enjoy being around "the boys", as Mel refers to them.  They are a pretty nice group of guys.  We get along well.
So now I am back home.  I thought I would paint, but I am just too pooped.  I had actually planned on painting this morning, even got dressed in my painting shirt and pants, when the bookkeeper messaged Mel about this meeting.  I don't think I have another opportunity to paint until Thursday.  But I am beginning to actually feel like I really want to paint again.  So that is a good sign.
Anyway, I guess I will put some dinner in the oven and catch up on the news of today.  I heard on NPR that we sent missiles and all sorts of awful stuff to Syria today.  I hope they are careful with all of this weaponry.  I wish there was no such thing as war and hatred and silly men with nothing better to do with their lives.  But that is for my other blog....if I ever get it finished!  Take care, and remember I am pulling for you!!!!!!!  HAVVVVVVVVVVVVVGE!!!!!!!!!!!!  Melody


LeAnn said...

It does sound like you had an eventful day at work. I always tell my children when they have difficulty with someone they work with that; everyone has those situations at work. It's life, right?
It does sound like you are going to be busy and I do hope you get time to paint because I love your works.

singing/granny said...

Thanks, LeAnn! You are a good friend!!! I appreciate your positive comments. And yes, I will paint again. I'm glad you like my painting! I like your writing!!!!

Tim Norton said...

Thanks for sharing this. My sister just started back to work after her maternity leave and it has been a difficult transition for her. I think reading about other women's experiences at work actually helps her to assimilate and remember what work is really like. She took 6 months off so it was a seriously major reality check for her.

Tim Norton @ Perfect Accounting Service