Friday, September 12, 2014

Whale Watching

Hola!  We are having such a great time in Depoe Bay. We keep seeing whales. According to the local authority on whale watching, there are more whales here than there have been in 20 years. I heard there are 18 or 19 here in the bay. And many more up and down the coast. They are mostly gray whales I have been told. It is so much fun to see them blow and then dive. And the weather is sunny, clear, and perfect...mid 70s. I would love to live here...except we'd miss kids and grandkids!
We went to the aquarium in Newport. It's a pretty fun place. I especially like the otters. They were really active. Also we watched them feed the sharks and the sea lions. That was interesting. I guess I enjoy sea creatures. 
So now we are back at our beautiful inn at Arch Rock in Depoe Bay. It is such a lovely place. I am enjoying every minute!  Here's a couple of photos from our drive along the coast. And a couple of Puffins. 

So signing off. I hope all is great in cyberspace tonight!  Melody

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