Wednesday, October 1, 2014

A Fond Farewell

Guten morgen!  It is sunny here, and the clouds have disappeared.  I am glad for that.  It was beginning to look and feel too much like winter!
So yesterday was a busy day.  I spent some of it at the doctor's farewell visit.  For some strange reason the college clinic doesn't take medicare:)  So I will probably see my former doctor, from before BSU, when the new insurance stuff all kicks in next month.  It was a somewhat eventful appointment though.  I was told that I need a CAT scan to follow up on the nodule in my lungs....WHAT????  The doctor said I was supposed to have been told about this last year when I had the pulmonary embolism.  Apparently I was not told.  And nobody has mentioned it because it was so small and insignificant....or at least that's their story and they're sticking to it.  I hope it is still small and insignificant when they do the CAT scan.  Really, it is just a follow up scan to make sure it isn't growing or changing.  And yes, I am definitely entering into the Twilight Zone!  Can you hear the music?  Deedadeeda...deedadeeda!  But the good news is I am going off of the blood thinner.  The clot in my left leg is almost gone, and according to the vascular surgeon is "as good as we could have hoped for".  So I did get a bit of good news.  Of course now I have to be especially wary of clots, and be vigilant in paying attention to any signals my body is giving me.  It is a little scary to me.  But I am sure it is all just part of the game.
I forgot to mention that a medical student accompanied my doctor yesterday....Meghan.  She was in a wheel chair.  I talked to her a bit about what had happened in her young life that had landed her in a chair.  She said she had fallen off a third story balcony when she was 19, and broken her neck.  I asked her a lot about how she was doing now.  She said she felt so grateful to be alive.  And she was excited to become a doctor.  She just graduated in Bio-chemistry.  I was so impressed with her!  And it made me think I should never complain about my knees hurting.  At least I can feel my knees!
So last night we went to the temple.  It really did help.  I like being reminded of the Grand Plan.  It is comforting to think that Heavenly Father has a plan for each of us.  And He will not leave us comfortless.  We saw a few friends of ours from our old ward too.  That is always fun to see old friends.
Well, I guess today is bill day.  And I am also watching Alex for a while so Liz can get her teeth worked on.  It should be a grrrrrrrrrrrreat day!  I hope yours is too!!!!!!!!   Take care and remember I am pulling for you!!!!!!!!  Melody

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LeAnn said...

I am happy that you are doing better with the clots and can be off the medications. That was such a scary thing. Of course, looking forward to the CAT scan is not a fun thing; but it will be good to know if everything is OK; which I am sure it is.
We went to the temple last night to do sealings and it was a lovely experience. I just love the temple.
Blessings for you!