Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Another Day

Day 2....well, today I slept in.  How lucky I am to have that kind of freedom!  Then I worked around here a little before going into work.  I spent most of the morning getting a landline phone ordered for the business. It used to be so easy!  But now you wait a very long time to speak to a real person!  I guess that is a part of the new technology I don't understand. I think they have added electronic devices and eliminated people to the point that it is is hard to actually speak with a real live person.  Sigh!  But I got it done.  And Mel was able to work.  I spent the afternoon cleaning out the desk and organizing stuff.  I kind of like doing that.  I have little emotional attachment to the stuff at work so it is easy to toss out things we no longer need.  I wish I could be so bold here at home.  Everything here has so many memories attached, or some sentimental something, and I get mired in it all.  I just need someone else to say, "Go ahead and toss it!"  I have that at work.  In fact I have two sons in law and a grandson to visit with besides Mel, so I don't get lonely!  And I can always get help.  I like that!  I think this was a good decision.  The only thing is I don't have much time to paint.  I have been thinking, maybe I can carve out a little space for an easel in an unused corner.  I am looking for one!
In other news....the sign downtown..."Nitrates....cheaper than day rates!"  Ha!  It took me a minute...I had to say it out loud.  I am getting slow!
Other than that I can think of nothing much...except the girl working at Walmart...stocking the bread.  She was down on all fours pushing bread into the back of a bottom shelf.  I asked her if I could have a couple of loaves and we talked a little.  I commented that her job looked hard.  She said yes, she already had a knee that was bothering her from all of the kneeling.  But then she added, "But I really love my job!"  I wondered at that.  She was so nice and very friendly, but I thought her job looked awful.  I guess it boils down to attitude.  Hers was so happy and optimistic.  It can make even hard things seem easy.  It reminded me of a sign I saw at Jimmy Johns today...the happiest people don't have the best things, they just make the best of what they have...or something like that.  I like that!  So one more area in which I have room for improvement!
Well, that is all for tonight.  HAVVVVGW!!!!  Melody

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LeAnn said...

You are really getting into this work thing. I do hope you enjoy it. I have loved most of the jobs I have had through the years. It is a bonus to be able to work with family. I bit your husband loves having you there.
I do think that being happy has a lot to do with our attitudes. I try to remember that.