Friday, October 31, 2014


Happy Halloween!  We actually had a family from our ward come by with their cute kids. We just live too far for the normal trick or treaters. Our neighbors all agree it's nothing like the Halloween we grew up with. But it makes it a pretty peaceful evening for us. 
We are currently watching Netflix. We like finding an interesting show and then watching all the episodes. It's kind of fun. A lot of these are old series we missed that are pretty good. 
Well I have little to write tonight. Just wanted to say, "Boo!"  HAGN!!!!!  Me

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LeAnn said...

For some reason around here there wasn't very many children trick or treating. We didn't have very many. Some of the sisters at the temple said the same thing. Strange is all I can say.
It sounds like watching the movies was a good way to celebrate.