Thursday, October 16, 2014

Busy day

I'm sitting in the car with the windows down...waiting for Mel:). He is inside a plastics molding company here in Ontario Oregon, delivering a mold he just finished. It's a nice drive out in the country. I like working with him...especially when we can escape together for a couple of hours. 
I am learning more about the business and I think it is kind of fun. This morning I went through an audit with our bookkeeper and the state insurance person for unemployment. I was nervous at first, but I am getting so I know enough to be helpful. So that's progress!
We still haven't seen "Meet the Mormons". We are so tired by the evening that we'd rather just stay home. We are definitely getting old:(. We may make it tonight...or a matinée. I really want to go!
So that's all folks!  Take care!!!  Melody

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LeAnn said...

I too want to see the movie but haven't got there yet. We are hoping to see it on Saturday after our temple shift.
I am happy for you that you are learning how to help your husband in his business.
Blessings for you both!