Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Keeping Us All on the Same Beat

So....I guess I am fine.  Except for the pneumonia:)  I took a stress EKG today.  It wore me out...but I passed.  I thought I might pass out!  I took one of those about 20 years ago, but I think I was a lot more fit.  I only lasted about six minutes on this one!  Oh well.  At least my heart is doing OK.  The Dr. said it all looked normal for my age.   I have one more test...an Echocardiogram.  But I got them to schedule that for a couple of weeks away....so that medicare will cover it.  And maybe by then I will be over the pneumonia.  I don't feel too sick, except for every once in a while.  It is like an infection I think.  I feel pretty good, and then it all hits and I feel exhausted and really yucky.  So I am trying to be good and rest.  But of course there is always something I need to be doing.  But I really am resting!  At least I didn't have to worry about picking up a laundry basket full of clothes for a couple of days.  They told me not to exert myself until they did the stress test.  So I am quite relieved it was normal...but now I can get back to the laundry and dishes:)
I did want to relate a kind of funny story that happened to Mel Sunday morning.  I was supposed to lead the choir for our ward on Sunday, but of course I couldn't.  So Mel volunteered to do it...as soon as his high council talk was over.  He had to speak at a nine o'clock meeting, and our ward is at 11...so it seemed like it might work.  Although we had a rehearsal before church at 10:15 so he was worried he might not make it there.  So I called a friend to do the rehearsal....and it all seemed good.  But then Mel went to the nine o'clock meeting and sat down....and the wrong bishop came in!  So then he suddenly realized he was not at the right ward!  Besides feeling very foolish, he wasn't sure where he was supposed to be.  So he looked through all of his notes to figure out which building and what time, and realized he was supposed to be in another building and it wasn't until 11.  I guess it wouldn't have been any big deal, except that he was supposed to be conducting the choir for me at our ward conference at the same time.  So he went to the rehearsal and got one of our friends to volunteer!  She had never led the choir before, and she was really nervous!  But from all reports it went well.  And Mel showed up at the right ward and gave his talk for the high council.  It sounded a lot like the dreams I have before I have to do something I am nervous about...only this was real life!  Poor Mel.  He was so good to volunteer for me, I felt terrible it all turned into such a stressful morning for him.  But I did chuckle just a little.  We are both finding we are getting our wires crossed a little more than we used to.  And of course it is just one more indication that we are getting old.  Drat!!!!!!
Gustavo Dudamel   This picture made me smile!  It's not always easy
keeping everyone on the same beat.
So I hope life is treating you well out in cyberspace tonight.  I think I am enjoying being home with so little responsibility....I can't imagine being this sick and taking care of a brood of little hooligans!  I suppose we all have done it, but I sure couldn't manage it now!  Have a great night!!!  And keep your stick on the ice!!!!!!  Melody

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LeAnn said...

I do girl; do take it slow. I have had pneumonia 2 times in the last five years and it takes a while to not feel exhausted. I am so happy your heart test went well.
I had to smile at the mix up for the church meeting. My husband and I are struggling with the same kind of things. Yup! we are getting old and think a bit older than you are.
Prayers, blessings and hugs for you!