Saturday, October 18, 2014

Medical report ;)

So I am spending the day today in the ER. I don't have any blood clots,whew!  But I am being watched to make sure my heart is okay. And I am being treated for pneumonia. I guess the scan showed some cloudiness in my lung. I wasn't going to come in, but I kept having the feeling I should. I'm feeling ok. Just so tired!  So hopefully this is nothing more than me being overly cautious. The doctor said its good I came in. He said he would have too with my history. 
So that's pretty much my day today. They are watching me all day. If I do ok I will go home on antibiotics and see a cardiologist on Monday. 
This is definitely a new era!  I guess I'll get used to this emphasis on health concerns. Maybe. If I have to, I guess:)  Take care!  Me

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LeAnn said...

You are instantly in my prayers. I do hope all is well. I must say you were spirit directed to go in and not wait.
Blessings, prayers and hugs for you!