Thursday, October 30, 2014


Hi!  I have had a couple of good days.  Although I had to talk to a company's rather crotchety bookkeeper this afternoon, to try and get her to write us a long overdue check, and it kind of ruined my good mood.  So I came home to recoop and put my feet up.  I am sure this will eventually resolve itself if I am patient.  But sometimes it is hard to bite my tongue and be patient!!!!  Sigh!!!!!!  Especially when I am so much older and wiser!!!!  Ha, ha!  I love that!  It reminds me of Tawanda!  from Fried Green Tomatoes.  Here's a link.Parking Lot Rage
That is one of my favorite scenes from a movie.
So the rest of today I will put my feet up like I said and watch a movie.  We just switched from Dish to Direct cut expenses.  And to be able to watch CNN and BYUtv.  We have always been able to but recently they removed them from our package.  And we have been with them for 13 years, so I figured it was time to try another company:)
Do I sound a little like Tawanda?  I am sorry if I do.  Sort of.  I just don't like being cheated out of what is rightfully mine!!!!!
And so it goes.  I hope all is happy and bright out in cyberspace this afternoon.  Life really is pretty wonderful!  And I'm glad to still be here.  Take care!!!!!  I'm still pulling for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  We're all in this together!!!!!!!!!!  Melody

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LeAnn said...

I am glad you had a couple of good days working. I don't like to confront people very much; so I am not good at that sort of thing. If you are in any kind of work; there are those moments when you will have a problem with someone.
I actually hate how the cable, direct or Dish change their packages and then it ends up costing more. It is the pits.
Well blessings for you!