Sunday, November 23, 2014

Birth Day

So I figure I'd better jot something down before company gets here.  I mostly wanted to write about how it feels to be 65 today.  Actually kind of weird.  In some ways I feel like I am just a youngster still. And in other ways I feel like I have learned a ton of stuff during my stay on earth.  I am glad for all that I have learned, although some it was very hard to go through.  But it isn't over yet, and I am sure the best is yet to come.  I hope I can learn what I am supposed to while I am here!  Mostly I think I have to get better at being selfless.  Not selfish, which is the normal way to be, but I want to really be thoughtful of others and to help where it is possible to help, and to put my own selfishness aside.
Well, obviously I am waaayyy too philosophical today. And I still have potatoes to peel!   I hope all is well out there in cyberspace!  Take care and remember.... you know!  HAVVVVVVVGW!!!!  Melody

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LeAnn said...

Happy Birthday Melody; I hope you had a wonderful day of celebration yesterday. 65 is really awesome; I turned 69 which means one more year and I am the 7--0 Scary.
Blessings for you!