Thursday, November 13, 2014


Good evening!  It has dropped 40 degrees here!  Last week it was 69, today it is 29!  And we've had snow today....with wind!  The wind chill is 17 degrees!  That's mighty cold for this time of the year.  But I am glad for the snow.
Today I went to visit my OB-GYN doctor.  No, I won't go into any wonderful details.  But apparently I am OK.  So that is good news.  Now I just have three more medical visits....Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday....then I think I am done for a while.  They are just imaging visits, so hopefully all will be well.
I unwrapped my canvas today.  Whoot, whoot!!!!!  :)  And after reading the info that came with it I don't think I need to put anymore Gesso on it.  So I can just begin painting.  I am thinking of taking another stab at painting the woman at the well.  I think I have learned tons since I painted the first version, and I also have lots of photos I took that would help now.  I am still thinking about it though.  I love painting insects and birds, so I would like to incorporate those into the painting:) (Joking)  I guess I need to spend some time drawing before I start painting.  I can do this!
And I think I have lost another pound!  Yay!!!  I don't think I am going into Weight Watchers tomorrow though.  Driving in this stuff is tricky! I will see how it looks in the morning.
Well, I hope all is happy and bright in your neck of the woods.  I am glad we had a little sunshine before we plunged into this gray cold!!  Have a most wonderful evening!!!!!!!  Melody

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