Monday, November 17, 2014

Happy FHE!!!!

Hola!  We had another Youtube family home evening tonight.  We watched a youth fireside with David Archuleta.  It was so good!!!  So here is the link. David Archuleta  He sings and he talks about his mission for the church to Chile.  It was a live event originally I guess, so that young people from all over asked questions online that he answered.  I thought it was very inspiring.  It makes me want to do more good in the world!!!  And to sing better:)  He really does have such a beautiful voice.
Speaking of singing...the ward choir sang again yesterday for Sacrament meeting.  It really sounded so nice.  I am enjoying this calling of leading the choir.  They do most of the work.  It isn't always easy to get a large number of people.  But we had about 10 men and 20 women, so it sounded pretty good.  It must be amazing to stand in front of a large the Mormon Tabernacle choir...and lead the music.  I feel the spirit of the music and the spirit of the Lord so strong when I lead the choir.  It is pretty great.
Today has been another day of sliding around in the snow.  Nampa's roads are the worst.  I had an appointment in Eagle that I had to go to in the afternoon.  The roads were mostly cleared there, and the freeway was totally clear.  So it wasn't bad on the roads once I got out of our little town.  But right now with the ice it takes about 40 minutes just to get to the freeway!  You have to really want to go somewhere to go down our little road.  But I have seen some beautiful things....two big eagles flying around down by the lake, hoar frost on all of the trees and bushes, and people being extra patient with pedestrians crossing the road.  One lady today had on very slippery shoes and could hardly get across the street.  It reminded me of a sledding trip I took so many years ago (45?) where I had on slippery shoes and got hit by a tube loaded with football players....I may have mentioned this once before.  I ended up with a blackened eye and a very raw face where I landed on the ice.  Luckily a nice young man came and escorted me to the first aid shack.  I was at an age when that really impressed me!
Well, I guess that is all for today.  I go for thyroid cat scans tomorrow and bone density tests on Wednesday.  Ha, ha!  It is kind of funny that I have spent most of the last two weeks in medical offices.  I am glad for the technology though.  We live in a miraculous time in so many ways.  I hope you have a great family night!  Take care and remember to smile!!!  Melody

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LeAnn said...

I am praying that the tests come out good.
We haven't gotten a bad snow storm yet; so I hope it won't come for a while. I hate driving on snow packed roads.
I love choirs and I like to watch how they are directed. I do think it would be a wonderful calling. However, I don't sing; so it won't happen here.
Well, I will be happy to hear how the tests went.
Blessings and hugs for you!