Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Spit, spot!

Good day!  I am putting my feet up for a while.  It's a nice thing about life now...I am supposed to put my feet up every once in a while to keep the blood flowing;)
I had my echocardiogram yesterday. I think it went large gasps from the technician at any rate.  We had a nice visit.  I found out he was also LDS and then there was a lot to share.  He went on a mission to Nevada, he is married with three kids, he likes playing basketball in the morning, he went to school at Weber State, and he loves art.  I guess I like meeting people.  After the echocardiogram I went to work at Mel's shop and a telephone installer was there. He had a lot to say!  He is planning to quit his job and become a pilot for tourists in Thailand!  He was interesting.  He had it all planned, and this summer he has a trip planned to check it all out, since he has never actually been to Thailand before.  I think he has a lot of courage to even think about it.  People are fascinating!  And I guess I am always curious about other peoples lives.  It must be the author in me...looking for story lines.  
So today I have been cleaning and organizing a little bit around here.  I think I have my filing cabinet in better order, and I finally got the courage to throw away the twenty or so little bottles we've collected from motel visits.  I don't know why I bring them home!  They are too small to be of much good and they take up way too much space!  So I threw them all out and rearranged the drawers in the bathroom.  So see?  I really am getting things ship small bottle at a time!  Ha, ha!  It does feel good to finally feel a bit of motivation again.  I guess I needed to get out of the house for a bit before I could feel that motivation.  It seems to help my attitude to go to work at Mel's shop.  
So the sign downtown ..... Coffee - the person upon whom one coughs!  I'm not sure that is funny, but it certainly is timely.  Everyone seems to be coughing!  Except for me.  Knock on wood!  I guess I do cough occasionally but not like you might expect from someone who just had pneumonia!
This will be the first night this week we can stay home.  Last night we went to a granddaughter's orchestra concert.  It was surprisingly good!  Her teacher is amazing and fun and the kids in her high school all love him.  They have nicknamed him Tigger because he bounces as he conducts. You can tell he loves his job just by how well the kids do and the size of the orchestra!  
Monday night we had our empty nesters family night.  We had a couple talk who had been on two missions to Russia and are leaving for Ukraine in January.  It was lots of fun to hear them and to find out more about that area.  It made me wish we could do that.  But we will probably have to do something here rather than far away, unless my health gets considerably better.  Of course, Mel has to retire first, and that is a few years away.
Well, I hope all is merry and bright out in cyberspace.  Take care and keep smiling!  And HAVVVVVGreatEvening!  Melody


LeAnn said...

I am like you I love to hear the stories that people tell about their lives. Everyone does have a story!
I think I need to get motivated to get my house in better order; you are inspiring me.
I love the activities you have. I wish we had a Empty Nestor's group in our ward; yours' sounds interesting.
We probably won't get to go on a foreign mission either due to health concerns.
Loved this and blessings for you!

Jam Clarkson said...

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