Friday, November 7, 2014

The Way It Is

Good morning!  It is another sunshiney day here today.  I like that.  Winter will be here fast enough with fog and inversions.  I love the sunshine!  And it helps me to be cheery.  I am planning to walk outside sometime today.  I had probably better make it a specific time, or I will put it off.  I can't walk too far yet, but losing weight does seem to be helping my knees a little.  So at least I can walk...yay!!!!
I am headed for a weight watchers meeting today.  I kind of enjoy them.  The other ladies are so real.  No excuses, just facing the music.  Some weeks the scale is a fun place to be.  Other weeks, not so fun. Last week I gained weight.  I hope I do better today.  I have been having some blood sugar problems that I think are contributing.  I see my doctor next week, so I hope then we can figure out why my sugars are bouncing from low to high and back again.  It is probably the disease progressing:(  But at least I am eating better so I won't have to have such a guilt trip about it all.  It is hard to have a disease that I probably contributed to.  But it is mortality, and it is what we all signed up for I guess.  And I am grateful for the experiences here....even the painful ones.  I can see that it has helped me to have more compassion for others.  And it has helped me to be a stronger person in many ways.
Well, I could philosophize a while, but then I will be late for my meeting.  Take care and have a really great day!!!!!!!!!  And remember I'm still pulling for you!!!!!!!!!!  We're all in this together!!!!!!  Melody


LeAnn said...

I was just talking with my husband about this same thing. The trials, struggles, illnesses do help us learn important Christlike virtues; patience, faith, compassion and etc.
The one thing I love about you is your sweet positive attitude. Have a wonderful day dear friend.

singing/granny said...

Thank you LeAnn! I appreciate your kind comments. I am always delighted to see them and I enjoy reading them. And I also think of you as my dear friend! Melody