Monday, December 1, 2014

All Is Bright!

We got the Christmas tree up!  Or more accurately, Mel got the Christmas tree up!  I am happy for that. It is a good start to decorating for Christmas.  I will put up the decorations and ornaments as I feel so inclined....which is not tonight.  It has been a rather long day!  Not a bad day, just a long one.  It started for me about 5 am when I realized Mel had left for basketball.  He joined the recreation center last week.  He found out all of his buddies from church had deserted to the rec center to have their fun.  I suppose it is because they have showers and lockers and such.  At any rate, they meet early before work begins, so Mel has decided to join them on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  Which means I will be waking up early too.  Sigh!
Anyway, I tried until he got back home to fall back asleep, but it didn't work.  So when he came home I got up and ready to go to work.  Of course that takes a lot longer than it does for Mel.  He just showers and eats and takes off.  I shower and eat and do the dishes and start the laundry and wipe off sinks and surfaces and etc.  I usually can finally leave and get into work about 10:30 or so.  By then things are moving along there and I can just slip in and do bookwork...and payroll which was my assignment today.  I kind of enjoy it.
Then I had an appointment for my car to get checked, oil changed, etc. And then I had a date with my grandson, Taylor.  He is so cute.  I told him he was sure growing!  We went to Red Robin and he ordered a huge burger...1/2 pound.  It was so huge!  When they brought it out I said, "That burger is at least a mile high!!!"  And he said, "That's a hyperbole!"  I had to laugh at that one.  Of course he was right, but it really did make me laugh.  Besides the burger, he had a chocolate mint brownie milkshake, (Grandma, there are really brownies at the bottom of this!), a large Sprite, and a gaggle of French fries.  I couldn't believe he ate it all!!!  I just had water, as I had already had lunch earlier with Mel.  I thought it might take him a while to down all of that, but he really did eat it quickly.  And when I asked him how he felt...was he full?...he said, "Not really."  I guess he is entering into a growth spurt.  I can remember when Kenny did this I couldn't believe how much he ate. And then he grew several inches in one summer!  So I expect Taylor will soon be shooting up.  He has already grown quite a lot, and his pants were a little short.  He told me he had to sit by a girl today with his pants so was embarrassing!  So we went and got a few pairs of jeans before I took him back home.  I remember how hard it was to keep up with kids when they were growing out of everything!
And now I am back with Mel in our cozy home.  It has been snowing again today....not as cold as before, but still cold to me.  I try to like this cold white stuff, but I really prefer it from to a warm fire!
Well, I hope all is happy and bright in your neck of the woods!  Have a happy family night!!!!!!!

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LeAnn said...

Oh my gosh; you are having snow. I is so nice here; that it is almost jacket weather. No snow in site; but some rain coming.
Those teenage boys can really down the food and they do grow fast. I think it is awesome that you have individual time with him.
I am like you when my husband gets up early I can't fall back asleep.
You did have a very busy day; so hopefully a blessed nights sleep.