Monday, December 15, 2014

Family Night

Good evening!  It is family night the world around!  And of course it is a good time to tell stories.  I have one for today.  It is about our fun new puppy.  Mel and I were sitting on our couch, sharing our family night treat of Chicago Mix popcorn.  It is cheese and caramel corn mixed together.  The puppy looked at us with such pleading eyes, I decided to let him have a kernel.  Ha!  That puppy already knows how to beg!!!  He got away with about 8 pieces before I decided I had better not give him too much.  I don't want a sick puppy.  But he was so cute begging.  Of course, he is only about 12 inches high.  It may not be so cute when he is 36 inches tall!  I know about how a dog thinks!  It is much the same as with children...give in only one time and they think it is the way it should be!!!  Sigh!
I am feeling much better about Christmas....and poorer of course.  But I have gotten most of the shopping done now.  Just a few more things, which I am hoping I can find tomorrow.  And I also have a spiritual program planned.  We had a wonderful lesson last week in Relief Society that was all on a DVD.  And our sweet teacher made copies for us all.  It is a compilation of many of the church's videos about Christ.  Here is a link to that site and the video of the nativity.  The Nativity
Well, I had better get back to our family night.  It is not so formal now that there are only 2 of us.  And we did have an empty nester's Christmas family night on Saturday.  But it is fun to just be together.  I am glad for that!  I hope all is happy and well out in cyberspace!!!  Take care and have a wonderful family night!  Melody

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