Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Good news!

I've had a busy day today. First I went with Jodell and we finished visiting teaching. That feels good. And I love visiting these sweet ladies. 
Then I went to get my hair cut. It was getting unmanageable. So that was good. And then I went to see my new endocrinologist. He is smart!  And he said all of this thyroid stuff could have been set off by the CAT scan I had in Oct. He was very careful to explain everything and then took blood and did some fine needle aspirations to get a biopsy from the nodule on my thyroid. He said it didn't look like cancer, but the biopsy would be conclusive. So that is done and I'll hear from him next week with results. I feel relieved. And it would be great if all of the symptoms just go away!
Our sweet home teachers came to visit us tonight. I am grateful for good home teachers. And now I am tired and about ready for a good nights sleep!  Take care!  Me

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LeAnn said...

That was a busy day; so I will hope you get a good nights sleep. You are in my prayers and it will be good to find out for sure what is going on.
Blessings for you!