Tuesday, December 2, 2014

"Look out! Here comes the Spider man!" ...errrr... woman

So today I am slightly radioactive:)  I had to take an iodine uptake test today so that they can figure out how much radioactive iodine to give me to inactivate my thyroid....not too much, but not too little either.  I was pretty calm about it this morning, until they got out the medicine....first they pulled out a rather large, thick, plastic-looking container that had a radioactive sign on it.  They opened that and inside was a very thick-walled lead container.  They opened that and inside was one capsule...red and neon green... kinda weird.  And that is the capsule I swallowed...GULP!  That was this morning.  Then this evening I went back so that they could first, do a scan with a geiger counter type sensor....and then they took a scan where I had to lay on a table while a large machine took a picture.  It was weird to realize that the rays for the scan were coming from me and not the machine!  This is definitely modern medicine.  I have to go in again tomorrow morning and they will measure how much radiation is left with the geiger counter machine.  Then I will wait for results.  The next big step will be to actually take the full dose of radioactive iodine.  Then I will have to be careful to stay away from other people...at least 6 feet I think.  But only for a few days.   And there will be other precautions too.  See?  It is a little like science fiction.  But it will be good if it makes me feel better...and it should.  I guess this is common practice.  At least that is what they keep telling me.  And I am enjoying the melodrama!  I think it is kind of fun.
At work this morning I told my grandson I was radioactive.  And he said that there is a really good song called "Radioactive".  So I went on Youtube to watch.  It is definitely not my generation!  He thought it was cool.  This is my grandson, Ricky, who works for Mel.  He is a sweet young man.
Well, not much is new here, besides the spider man thing.  Wasn't spider man bitten by a radioactive spider?  The lyrics from the song are proof that he did...."Is he strong? Listen bud— He's got radioactive blood."  Ha, ha!  Pretty cool.  I may have to get a special suit!
Oh, and lest I forget....I have to share the sign downtown.  It seemed especially appropriate for this Idaho location.  Ready?  Here goes....."Commentator - an ordinary potato."  Pretty good, huh?  I love that sign downtown.  It always gives me a chuckle.  I hope you have a good night!!!

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LeAnn said...

Oh my gosh; that is quite the process. I guess you will have to lie low for a few days. I assume that means you can't be near your hubby either; that's a bummer.
It will all be worth it as you begin to feel better.
Yes, the music of today is from another planet; I think.
Blessings for you dear friend