Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Manic with a Racing Heartbeat...sounds like a song!

Good evening!  I realize as I write that, that it might be morning or afternoon, but here, right now, it is evening.  And it has been another long day.  It's my own fault.  I was so exhausted last night that I went to bed at 8:30!  And I woke up at 9:30, 12:30, 4, and 5...when Mel left for basketball.  Then I laid there thinking of how to paint the painting I have been putting off so successfully.  I came up with such brilliant ideas!  But when I really woke up they seemed I really didn't sleep too great.  I am hoping when they zap my thyroid it might help with this, as insomnia is one of the symptoms.  I went in to the lab this morning for the final reading on the uptake scan.  The tech said that today's numbers are what they use for how much iodine to give me.  Can you tell I am a little nervous about this?  Today she said that I will have to use a different bed and bathroom than Mel after I take the radioactive iodine...for probably three days.  And I won't be able to cook for him.  I feel like I should just check into a local inn and let them worry about the radioactivity:)  But it might be a little lonely.  And I am not good at being lonely.  I have thought it might be a good time for a trip....but no one could go with me, and I wouldn't want to get near other people and radiate on them.  So...I will probably lay low and watch TV for a few days.  I would paint, but that might make a radioactive painting!  I just don't know.  I guess I will have a lot of questions when they finally do this thing.  It is a little strange to think about....and one of the symptoms is having racing thoughts...can you tell?  I think it is a little like being manic.  Except my heart is racing pretty much all of the time.  Before they knew how to treat this people would die from their heart just giving out.  At least that is what the tech told me today.
So are you tired of this topic yet?  I am sorry to be so obsessed about it.  But blogging is kind of like therapy.  So once again if you are reading this you are my it or not.  I suppose you could just stop, here!  Ha,ha!
Today at work I solved more problems.  I am such a whiz at office work...not.  But I am learning.  I did balance the books and write invoices and email customers.  And I fended off a call from some advertising guy who wanted to sell us expensive internet something or other.  We have a new phone number, so most of the calls coming in are from advertisers.  Our long time customers call Mel on his cell phone.  We hope that changes eventually so that he can get his work done.  When I am there he hands off his phone to me and I act as a go between.  But of course they always need to talk to Mel.  I don't know enough about actually doing mold work to be of much help.  I did get a call on his phone from my visiting teaching supervisor:)  I had forgotten to call and report because we got it done early.  It felt good to be able to tell her that...after apologizing for not calling her.
Well, I suppose I have written enough.  I could tell you the other side of the sign is misty..something.  I really can't remember.  Something about golfers and divets.  Oh, that's another symptom....forgetfulness.  Wouldn't it be cool if all of a sudden I got my memory back...good as new?  That probably won't happen.  But maybe it will help a little.  One lady I read about lost weight after she went through the procedure.  I would love that to happen.  But I am really not counting on it.  More likely I will still have to fight those hunger urges.  Sigh! Oh well!!!   Take care out there in cyberspace!  I am pulling for you!  We're all in this together!!!!!!!!!!  HAVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


LeAnn said...

Oh my gosh you have a lot going on. You will be in my prayers as you go through these procedures. I do think it would be hard to be in the same house with your husband and not be able to be around him for 3 days. I hope that you will somewhat enjoy the quiet.
I can relate to your not sleeping well; I have been doing the same thing.
Blessings for you as you go through this procedure.

singing/granny said...

Thank you for your good wishes! It means a lot. Hugs and blessings to you.