Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Stories and Memories

Guten Tag!  It is a windy, cloudy day...leading up to the storm coming in here.  I like living here on the edge of the mountains where we are the first to see the storms coming in from the west and south.
This morning was book club.  We had a Christmas luncheon and a few ladies brought Christmas stories to read.  It is fun to get together and just have a fun Christmas celebration.  One of the ladies read a little storybook titled, "The Crippled Lamb".  It was a sweet story of a lamb that was there on the night of Christ's birth.  But it was especially sweet because she has a grandson who is very disabled, and she said that their family also had a crippled lamb.  So I think the story was quite symbolic for her.  Afterwards a few of us were talking and they asked me about my artwork.  It was good to talk things over with ideas and so forth.  I think I needed to get some approval.:)
And now I am home with my little buddy, Eddy....and Max too of course.  Eddy is sitting by my feet....and Max is by the door ...waiting for Mel.  He kind of pines for him while he is away at work.  Although now that he is older he mostly sleeps.  But he gets so excited when Mel walks through the door.  It is kind of cute.  The puppy just saw himself in the mirror here in my art room...and he thinks it is another puppy.  It is cute how he barks and plays with the image.  It is the first time I have heard him bark!  It was hard to leave him here at home when I left for book club.  Although before I left I had to find him.  He had fallen asleep under my bed and I couldn't locate him for about 15 minutes.  He is a sound sleeper!!!
Well, I guess I will find something meaningful and life fulfilling to do here until Mel gets back from work.  I hope all is well!  HAVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVGW!!!!!!!!!!!!  Melody

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LeAnn said...

Oh, I loved your day. I think I will look into the story of the crippled Lamb since I have a disabled Granddaughter.
Your new little Eddy sounds so cute. He will probably bond to you as Max has your husband.
Our Sammy really loved my husband and gets so excited when he comes home.
They really are like one of your children.
Blessings for you all!