Saturday, December 13, 2014


Merry, joyful day to you!  I have been working hard to get everything done for choir practice tomorrow.  And I thought I would upload pictures from my phone.  To my surprise I had 180!  And quite a few videos.  I had given my iphone to Taylor at the concert, so that he could document all of the action.  I guess I was surprised that he really did.  Of course my phone was on silent because it was a concert and I didn't want to disturb the show.  So I thought the videos would be silent too.  But they have sound!  So it wasn't the total waste I was afraid it might be.  Anyway, this music teacher is wonderful!!!  The kids have nicknamed him Tigger because he is so bouncy and enthusiastic about the music.

I hope this video uploads, because you can sort of see how fun he is.  It doesn't look like it is going to work.  And my internet is being weird.  Sorry!  Oh wait!  I downloaded a new version of flash player and now it is going to work.  For the best effect, enlarge the video to full screen!
The last number of the concert was called "Christmas Festival" by LeRoy Anderson.  All of the kids were in it...over 200 aspiring musicians.  It made me cry when they sang, "Joy to the World" to begin.  I am so pleased that there is still sacred music taught in our music programs here in Idaho.  I hope it continues to be a wonderful tradition!
Ellen did well playing her cello, and the concert was a good thing for Taylor, just learning to play his violin.  Afterwards, we went to Coldstone Ice Cream and had a fun treat.  And as I was driving Taylor home he said, "Grandma, we ought to do this more often!"  The perfect finish to a lovely evening!
Yesterday was busy at work and home.  And then Kim and Sean and four of their kids came over to see the puppy and then we all went to see the rest of the puppies...there are 8 left.  One of them has a lame foot and so they were giving him away, and Sean and Kim were hoping they could get him.  But he was already spoken for.  Too bad, because he was really a sweetie, too.  They are beautiful dogs, and they are asking quite a bit for them.  Oh well.
So today Mel is off with one of the men in our ward, working on some project at his shop.  It may be a Christmas something.  I am not sure.  And tonight is our empty nester's Christmas dinner.  It just keeps on keeping on.  And in the meantime, I am my usual self....totally unprepared for Christmas.  I hope I can get a lot done in the next few days!  I may have to visit Walmart at midnight:)  Actually it is probably still busy then.  I think the best time is 4 am:)
Well, I hope all is happy and bright out in cyberspace today.  Have a most fabulous and wonderful day.  And remember the reason for the season!!!  Melody

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LeAnn said...

Oh you had a busy but lovely day. I love that you got such an awesome video. Some of my most treasured moments have been watching my children and grandchildren perform in musical programs.
I am with you, I am a bit behind for Christmas. I am hoping to get my out of state packages mailed on Monday.
Loved your post and blessings for you!