Friday, January 2, 2015

Chasing the Cheetah

Hola!  I have been trying to get Medicare straightened out!  LOL!  Anyway, it is a long process to call them and figure things out.  I guess what happened was the doctor had the wrong SS number for me.  Simple, right?  So simple I have been on the phone for about 2 hours!!!  But I did get it straightened out.  Mostly it is waiting for a real person to get on the line that takes forever.  But she was very nice, and it was a relief to know they will pay the bill when they get the right number:)  I guess I should think it was funny...
So the rest of today I have been running around.  It is really cold here!!!  So Mel took me to buy heaters at Costco....for the shop.  But then he decided to send them home with me, and he is going to use the heaters from home for the shop.  I think he thinks that the new ones from Costco will be better for smaller spaces.  We shall see.  I would prefer pellets in the pellet stove.  But we get those through a friend in the ward, and it is a more complicated process....but cheaper.  Can you tell we are chasing the cheetah?   It is an expression used by Dave Ramsey...the financial guru.  If you are interested (and I doubt that you are) you can find it on youtube.  I would post a link but my internet is weak right now.
Well, Mel just got home, so I'd better get back to the real world.  Have fun in cyberspace!!!  Melody

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LeAnn said...

I am afraid I get irritated when I can't talk to a real person on the phone when there is a problem. You always have to go through a menu. Oh, for the good old days.
Have a great weekend my friend and blessings to you!