Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Fun Day

Good evening!  It is still foggy here...and expected to be for quite some time.  But not so foggy that President Obama couldn't come to Boise today.  He spoke at BSU...promoting his program for prosperity and everything amazing for the country.  I sure wish it would all work and be good for everyone.  I am afraid some of his basic premises are faulty, though.  I cannot support many of his policies.  But I respect his office.  I wish I could have gone to see him, but the tickets went very quickly.
I did go to my hair dresser today.  I love to go and have someone else try to make me look younger and more beautiful.  Of course, it gets harder and harder as the years move forward.  But it does make me feel a little pampered, and I like that feeling.  I made a friend while I was under the hairdryer.  He was at the shop with his mom and kept looking at me in the mirror, kind of sneaking peeks in between playing whatever game he was playing on his little computer.  Pretty cute!  I love the boots!!!
I also worked on my painting a little bit.  But I didn't do much.  I didn't have the energy after the hairdresser's and Mel's shop.  I had to go in and do a few tax things, transfer money, and cheer up the troops.  Also I had to take Mel to lunch.  It's my duty you know :)
So tomorrow I am hoping I can work for a while on my painting.  I need to work on proportions in the arms and also in the woman.  I just need to take my time to do it right.  It was hard yesterday to slow down, because I wanted to get the idea on paper before I forgot it...  It's funny how that works.  I feel pretty good about it still.  I want to get color right too.  And make sure there is a clear light source.  And of course I wish I was better at it all.  But it feels good to be painting again, and enthused about the ideas that won't let me sleep at night.  I guess I will have to take something tonight and hope I can sleep through all of the editing going on in my brain!  I wonder if Michelangelo, Caravaggio, or Titian had trouble sleeping?
So the sign downtown....side 1....Avoidable - What a bullfighter does.  Side 2....Cartoonist - an auto mechanic....yeah, kinda bleh, like the fog I guess.  Oh well, it is still a little fun that they always have a joke to read as you drive through town.
Well, I hope all is well and good in cyberspace tonight.  I'm pulling for you!!!  We're all in this together!!!!!  Have a great night!!!  Melody

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LeAnn said...

I too think it is good to get your hair done. Mine needs to be cut and colored so bad. I have an appointment on Wednesday. My problem is I get so relaxed getting my hair done that I always want to take a nap.