Saturday, January 3, 2015

Happy Day!!!!

Hola!  And all good wishes. I am watching football with Mel...well I am sitting here playing with my iPhone while Mel watches football. We discovered a game called Trivia Crack. It is free and a great time waster. But it is also kind of fun. So far we are tied. He's won 2 and I've won 2 games. My daughter Kim and her husband also are playing...and winning!  They are more up to speed on contemporary who is Sponge Bobs driving instructor?  I told you it is called Trivia, right?  I also don't know the sports trivia. But I am a good guesser!  You can buy more lives and coins...but I refuse. So it takes time to get more lives. Yeah, it is kinda silly!
So the other things occupying my time are laundry and puppy puddles. Buddy is doing pretty well, but every once in a while he doesn't make it to the backyard.  So I have a cleaner that is supposed to erase all signs. It works pretty well. But I will be glad when he is housebroken. 
So have a wonderful day!!!  And make sure it's a gut wan!!!!!  Melody

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LeAnn said...

Oh, I think it sounds fun to play some games. We didn't do any of that over the holidays. I have one daughter that if she was here we would be playing games.
Training new puppies is kind of a hard things for me.
Blessings in all you are doing!