Monday, January 19, 2015


Good morning!  I am glad to report that we made it through the weekend with 5 grandchildren still alive and well!  They have been a delight to have here, and pretty easy.  Probably because the youngest is 11, and the girls outnumber the boys....3 to 2.  They are having fun here with few rules and lots of freedom.  But the strange thing to me is how much they love to be inside attached to some kind of screen....TV or 3DS or Ipad or whatever.
Eric and Taylor

Shelese watching TV

 It is a little sad to me, remembering how much I loved to explore outside on my bike or skates.  I even had a dream about it last night.  I was on a tricycle, trying to find my way to meet their mom in Boise.  Crazy dreams!  I kept finding myself at the river and not remembering how to find her.  I am meeting her in Boise today with her four kids.  I will take Taylor home on the way.
I have been registering my puppy online this morning.  So now he is officially registered with the AKC.  He is still growing!  He is 3 months now, and almost as tall as Max.  He is a pretty placid puppy for the most part....he is so good with the kids.  And he is happy to go outside!  So I will have at least one companion to walk with me and to explore the countryside.  He is quickly learning to sit and he even will lay down...which seems to be his favorite position right now.

He plays hard, but then he sleeps for quite a while in between.  I think the growing makes him exhausted!  I extended his collar to the furthest extension last night, but I will have to get him a new one as it will soon be a choker instead of a collar.  I am so glad we got him.  Even with the nights of whining to go!  He is getting pretty good at night and he is delightful during the day.  He pretty much only chews the toys we have gotten him, and he is learning not to bite and scratch.  He has trouble with that when it comes to Max.  He loves to grab onto his long fur and follow him around.  Max hates it and nips at him.  But then Buddy thinks he is playing and it gets more intense.  When it gets too bad I put them outside and they usually are fine then.  They are becoming pretty fast friends.  The one who will miss them is my granddaughter, Rachel.
Rachel with Max

Rachel with Buddy
 She will be 12 this Friday, and is a real animal lover.  Unfortunately for her she is allergic to cats, but she seems to do pretty well with the dogs.  And she and Buddy have been pretty inseparable the whole time she has been here.  I think he will miss her too.
Well, I had better get back to being the grandma.  I really love that role.  I know that many women don't like to be grandma because they feel old.  But I think it actually makes me feel younger to be around these vibrant and interesting young people.  I really do love them all.  So have a wonderful day out in cyberspace.  I am still pulling for you!!!!  Take care and HAVVVVVVVVVVVVGW!!!!!!

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LeAnn said...

It looks like you had a great time with the grandchildren. It is an interesting generation with what they like to do.
Loved the thoughts on your puppy and the pictures of your granddaughter with your dog.
Blessings for a sweet post!