Saturday, January 31, 2015


Well, we did it!  After going to the church this morning to help clean, I said to Mel...."You really don't want to go home and clean do you?"  And he answered, "I knew you had something up your sleeve!"  So I told him I thought it might be fun to go up to the Winter Carnival in McCall.  And he thought it sounded fun too.  And it was!!!  But we were not alone!  They said there was something like 40,000 people visiting there today!  And it isn't that big of a town.  And not that many restaurants.  Luckily we got on the other side of town from the parade and got into a lovely place on the lake before the crowd hit.  It was lots of fun.  And we even got to see a few ice sculptures....though they are melting so fast!  I think they may not last the whole week.  We got a few pictures by the Star Wars sculpture.  Anyway, it was a very nice getaway.  And now we are back home resting up for tomorrow and church.  Hope life is treating you well!!!  Melody
Panorama of Payette Lake
Me and Vader

I think Luke and Princess Laia are behind us.

Me and Yoda

Another panorama

A glimpse of the crowd

Traveling in I liked these trees

Heading home the traffic was still backed up coming in

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LeAnn said...

Oh this does look like a delightful get away. I am happy you were able to go. I loved all the pictures. I think ice sculptures are so awesome.
Wishing you a blessed Sabbath day!