Saturday, January 10, 2015


The fog persists!  It is supposed to snow on Sunday so I suppose that will be a change. I am trying to be a good sport about this, but I will really be glad when we can see the sun again!
Mel has been sick for a couple of days. He has a cold and headache. I only seem to have the headache. But I am feeling kind of sneezy tonight. I am trying to stay well.  I had hoped to help our daughter Kim move today, but they seemed to have enough help and didn't want to catch our bug. So we have stayed home for most of today, resting, watching TV, and I have been reading a book for book club. It is called "Escape from Camp 14". I am not really enjoying it. It is a book about a man who escaped from a labor camp in North Korea. His description of his miserable and tortured life is very disturbing. I suppose it is important that people realize what is going on in that crazy country, but I am not happy to read of such things. So I am trying to skim past much of it. I feel bad that people suffer at the hands of wicked people. I will have to suggest a happier tale when it is my turn to pick a book. 
Well I guess I should report on the puppy. He is GROWING!!!  But he is still a sweet dog. He is great as long as he has something to chew!  We went for a rawhide run to D&B Supply this afternoon. He loves to demolish rawhide  strips. Max does too. I guess it is a good diversion from chair and table legs!!!  And everything else in the house. 
So I hope all is good out in cyberspace. HAVVVGW!!!!!!  Melody

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LeAnn said...

I wish for your hubby to get better quickly and that you won't get worse.
As busy as your life is; you should just sit back and enjoy a little down time.
Puppies are cute but they can be busy getting into mischief. We had a dog almost chew his way through our deck post.
Blessings for getting better for the two of you!