Thursday, January 29, 2015


Hola!  I have had a taxing day today...mostly because I have been gathering all of our tax information.  I always think it will be easy, I am so organized!  But of course I really am not, and it takes some hunting to get everything ready for the tax man.  I suppose I would be more excited about this if I thought we would get a return.  But since we've had our own business we always have some catching up to do to get our taxes paid.  Sigh!!!!
So I did take a break and I went visiting teaching.  Unfortunately we were only able to visit one sister.  We have four to visit....two left town and one is in the hospital....we visited her already.  But it was still fun to visit sweet Elsie.  She seems to be having a hard time lately.  She is in her eighties and has started falling down lately.  I guess her knee gives out.  Her daughters all live close and take turns being with her.  So they got her a knee brace to see if it will help keep her from falling.  I sure hope so.  It must be so scary for her. She seemed to enjoy our visit though, so maybe we brought a little sunshine into her day today.
Sunshine is hard to come by lately.  We had some yesterday, but it is gone again today.  It is harder to stay cheery I think.  I am trying.  After visiting teaching I went to Costco for some shopping therapy.  I wandered around for a while just browsing, and then I did some shopping.  It is kind of fun to see what they have in all of the side rows.  I never seem to have the time to just browse, so it was fun.  And I didn't get the cool kitchen sink faucet, or the trendy kitchen ware....though I was tempted.  I just had fun looking.  I did get the chocolate covered pretzels though.  And some yummy sausages that they had for samples.  I think I did pretty well resisting all of the rest of the stuff though.  I kind of liked the down filled vests and jackets, but I let them alone.
So now I am home, complete with a rotisserie chicken and instant Caesar salad kit for dinner.  I love Costco!  And we have another temple prep class tonight.  We have been holding them both Tuesday and Thursday evenings for one of the young men leaving soon on a mission.  I really enjoy this calling!  It is fun to have a chance to get to know these young missionaries better.
I hope all is merry and bright out in cyberspace this evening!  Take care and HAVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVGE!!!!  Melody

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LeAnn said...

Well you had quite the day. Taxes does not sound fun at all. I do like the VT and I am sad that you little sister is struggling with falling. It really is a concern in the Elderly and now I guess I am kind of in that stage.
I too love Costco's sometimes you can go and almost have lunch there with all the samples they have. You were good to resist getting too much.
I love their cooked Chickens but my husband doesn't so I don't get them as often. I don't know what is problem is with that.
Well, loved getting an update and blessings for you!