Friday, January 30, 2015

Today is Friday!

So it's Friday.  I look forward to Friday.  To me it means weekend trips.  But not this weekend....unless I can persuade Mel to drive up to McCall for the Ice Festival.  It is a fun weekend with ice sculptures and parades and a lot of nonsense that people in Idaho think is Farmer's markets and such.  I think it is fun too.  And I love to get away.  So maybe...
I did do some painting this morning.  As much as I could without another photo session.  I just worked on the Savior's robe and put some highlights in his hair.  I like what I did, but I have so much more to do.  And so little time.   The church's deadline for the open contest is Feb. 27.  So I need to keep at this.  Anyway here is today.

After painting I met Mel and a friend of ours for lunch.  That was fun.  Then I went to see Liz.  And then I went shopping.  I got a nail grinder for Buddy.  His nails get long and sharp so fast.   And I am pretty thin I hope this will work.  I think it will, but once more I need a buddy to hold "Buddy".  So I will have Mel help me tonight.  It is kind of like a drill...with a piece of sandpaper to sand down the dogs nails at the end.  It has a little plastic guard so you only sand the nail.  What will they think of next?
Oh, speaking of new and cool inventions.  Mel has been working with a man in Twin Falls that has come up with an electrical connector that is very high tech and will change the speed at which electricians can join large wire.  They have been working on this for about 5 years.   They have used the tech lab at BSU for some of their design work.  Mel often uses the engineering students there to help with design.  Anyway, when President Obama was here last week, he wanted to see the lab, and he was told about this project, so they had to set it all up 5 days in advance of his coming....and then they locked the building and checked it for explosives and other devices and made sure it was secure for the president.  The result of all of this was that they got some very cool pictures of Pres. Obama handling the connector.  It sort of made Mel's day...and his customer's too, who invented it all.  I will have to post it later, as I cannot find it on Facebook.  SIGH!
Well, I guess that is my day today.  I hope all is well in cyberspace!  I am pulling for you!  HAVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV Great Friday Night!!!!!!!!!!!!  Melody

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LeAnn said...

Oh my gosh, I think your painting is awesome. It has a very life like quality to it. I can hardly wait to see the finished project and I will wish for you to win.
I love that you can get out to lunch with your hubby; I hope we can do a bit more of that when he retires. He works at home so it is just easier to fix something here.
Well have an lovely weekend. I hope you get to McCall.