Thursday, January 8, 2015


Good day!  I am here in my little bedroom studio trying to clear out a space to paint.  Somehow I have managed to clutter the space with office things, old school projects, and just plain junk.  It is a little discouraging to try to clear it out though.  I am thinking I need to move one of these desks out of here.  The room is small enough.  I don't know why I thought I needed so much furniture in here!  It kind of worked when I had lots of paper work for school.  But it is not working now.  I guess I will have to wait for Mel to come home and move a few things for me.  I thought I could, if I just moved everything off of the desk, but it is way too heavy!  Sigh and double sigh!!!
The fog here is terrible.  It is a little bit depressing.  I have been fighting the urge to just watch TV and eat bon bons!!!  Ha, ha!  I guess I have never eaten bon bons, though they do sound delicious.  But I have certainly sat and folded clothes during a movie or two.  I really am not liking this inversion though, and when a friend of mine in the Bay Area wrote a post on facebook about how the weather was so lovely at 60 degrees,  I went on Zillow to see what a house would cost in my old neighborhood.  The funny thing is, there is a house for sale in my old neighborhood in Castro Valley...on Outlook Ct.  It is a foreclosure so it is a real steal!  Only $415,0000!  Actually that is a steal.  I set the limit at $500,000 and that was the only house that came up.  The next cheapest was $515,0000.  Most are $600,000 or  above, which is a little mind blowing.  I checked Pleasanton, another old haunt, and it was even worse.  I guess we will not be moving back to the Bay Area anytime soon, so I had better adjust to the winters here.  You'd think after 28 years I would have adjusted!  But no, I just long for sunshine and warm temps.  It's kind of sad.  I tell myself bloom where you are planted, but this little voice answers back that nothing can bloom when it is so cold!!!!!  Ha, ha!  That little bit of venting felt good!!!!!!
So the rest of today I will probably head back into the office downtown and finish cleaning files and putting in the new ones for 2015.  I don't mind.  It is kind of fun.  And Mel is there, so we can sneak away for lunch.  I enjoy that.
I hope all is well out in cyberspace.  Take care and HAVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVGW!!!!!!!!!!

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LeAnn said...

We have a terrible inversion here; and it has brought back my cough. It is so irritating. I get a little depressed when it is cloudy for to many days. I need light.
We lived in San Jose many years ago and I loved the area. The homes are outrageous. I did like the weather.
My study is a mess and I need to get organized so I can get into Family History. Always something to do; I would like to watch a movie and eat some bon bon's.
Wishing for you some awesome New Year blessings!