Friday, February 6, 2015

Bon Voyage!

I've had a good day so far. I spent a couple hours painting, a couple hours packing, and a couple hours running around town. Now I am sitting in the car outside of JC Penneys waiting for Mel. He needed a pair of pants for the trip. Next I will go with him to the shop and do payroll so that people get paid while we are gone. And then I think I am ready.
I took Max and Buddy to the boarding place. They seemed happy. She has a big group area where the dogs can play. Buddy seemed so excited to be with other dogs!  I guess he must miss the fun of 9 siblings. So I think that he will have a fun time. 
I only worked on the hand in the painting today. I took it as far as I could. I will have to finish when I get home. But I feel good like I am working on my goal to be a better painter.

So that's that. I hope all is well. Take care and HAVVVGW!!!!!!!  Melody

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LeAnn said...

Have a super happy trip and enjoy it. I love the progression of your painting.
Blessings for a safe trip!