Monday, February 2, 2015

Ground Hog Day :)

Yep, it's that day when we wait to hear from a rodent how soon Spring will arrive.  I saw a funny statement on Facebook today about how we will believe groundhogs, but not scientists!  I thought that was pretty insightful!!!
Right now I am sitting in the car waiting for Mel. He is inside a shop here in Boise getting a mold sandblasted.
It shouldn't take too long. I drove him into Boise so he wouldn't fall asleep at the wheel. He is still getting used to playing early morning basketball.  He gets especially tired in the afternoon.  So I figured I would help out.  And he was especially nice to me earlier.  I had asked a young friend of mine if she would mind posing for me for this painting today.  And Mel came along to help...he took time off of work to do it.  And he dressed up in a scarf again.  Anyway, the photo shoot went really least considering we were trying to use a baby in this shoot.  I have settled on a couple I really like.  Here is a preview.

Natalie is a beautiful young lady, and has uncles that paint rather well, so I got a lot of cooperation!  Her mom, Jodell, even stood up on a chair and held the light so it would have good shadows!  Talk about good friends!!!   Now I just have to translate this into a beautiful painting!
So now I am home after a kind of long day.  I was up early too.  I just got to fall back asleep instead of driving to the gym this morning!  But I may need to take a power nap before we have to leave for our empty nesters' family night.  I am a little bushed.  Ha, ha!  That produced an interesting picture in my mind.
Anyway, just dropping in to wish a hearty Hello!  Hope all is well out in cyberspace!  Take care and have a marvelous family night!!!!!  Melody   

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LeAnn said...

Yup, six more weeks of winter; we will see. It has been such mild weather here in Salt Lake.
I love that you have the perfect models for your painting. I enjoy learning about your process in painting.
Hope you have a great Empty nesters activity. I really wish we had one here.