Friday, February 20, 2015

I Think I'm Done...

Good day!  Well, I guess I wasn't quite done with my painting after all.  I had to go back in and change a few things.  I will put photos of before and after and you can see if you can spot the differences:)
It is kind of weird how I can't seem to leave things alone.  But oh well.

I think the first photo was in more light than the second.  But all I really changed was the lady's face and scarf, and the baby's blanket.  Probably a little hard to see in these tiny photos.
Today I have been trying to locate a scooter to rent while we are at Women's conference.  It was easy in Anaheim.  But maybe not so easy in Provo.  One place said it was $400!  I spent $40 in Anaheim.  Maybe I just called the wrong place.  I will have to explore this further.  It was so nice to have a way to get places besides walking.  I hate to admit that I am handicapped, but I guess I am.  I can walk a distance, but I pay for it during and after with pain.  So I am not giving up.  But for $400 I could buy a scooter!  I looked on Ebay and there are several.  But the problem is transport.  I may have to research a more portable version.  I may go into Boise and see what they have for sale.  I don't want to invest in something that looks good in a picture, and turns out to be cheap junk up close and personal.
Oh well, I suppose I don't need to stress.  It will all work.  I could just sit in the Marriott Center and listen to all of the speakers there.  I am looking forward to being there with all of my daughters!
Well, I don't have much more to share.  I hope all is well in the land of cyberspace!  Take care and HAVVVVVVVVVVVVVVGW!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Melody

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