Monday, February 23, 2015

Not Quite Done

Ha, ha!  I guess if you know me at all you would know that I cannot leave well enough alone.  And so I painted again this morning.  And so then I had to go in and change my registration for the art competition:)  But I feel tons better.  I just didn't like how empty the sky seemed.  No, I didn't draw clouds.  But I did draw olive branches.  It seemed important to put a symbol of victory and peace.  And it makes the picture more complete for me.  So here it is.
And now I am going to take a break for the rest of today from my art studio.  I think I am in the habit of coming in here each morning and painting.  So I will have to hide this big painting and put another one on my easel.  It makes me feel good that I am really back at it.
So today is my son Kenny's birthday.  He is 36 today!!  Unbelievable!!!

And yesterday was my son Tommy's birthday.  He would have been 38.  It really doesn't feel like he has been gone for 32 years!  I must be getting older too.  Weird!
The other big news is...tatatada!!!  I got a mobility scooter.  Or rather Mel bought me one.  I have kind of mixed feelings about this.  I think it will make some things much going to the mall...and Women's conference.  But I really don't want to become dependent on it and do less walking.  In fact, my plan is to start walking Buddy every day.  He is getting old enough to train.  So starting today I am going to take him out to walk.  It will be good for both of us.  He has gotten huge by the way.  He's bigger than Max now.  And still growing!  I think it is kind of cool.  I love watching him grow and figure out how to manipulate his big paws.  He's pretty funny.
Well, I guess I will go meet Mel for lunch.  We had a late breakfast today, so he won't be hungry for a while yet.  But I do like meeting him.  It makes my day more interesting.
So take care and HAVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVGW!!!!!

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