Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The BIG Blonde Dog

So, I thought I might share a couple of photos of my tiny little puppy....who has grown so fast and is now as big as our Sheltie, Max.  Buddy is still so sweet, but he is what I would call clumsy.  Not intentionally clumsy, but more like a bull in a china closet kind of clumsy.  He is just so large and not yet able to gracefully run through the house.  :)  I think it's hilarious, as long as he doesn't really knock over my china!

Today has been a really nice day.  I think it is especially nice because we were able to give the final lessons for temple prep to a sweet young married couple who are anxious to go through and to be sealed for time and eternity.  I think I am very blessed to be able to grow closer to these special people we have been able to teach.  I love this calling.
We also met with our accountant and turned in all of our tax stuff.  That feels very good.  And he told us that we are doing better business wise by 30%!  So that is good to hear.  Except that also means we will owe a bunch more taxes than last year.  Sigh!  I guess eventually this will be a good thing...
So, I hope all is happy and bright in cyberspace this lovely, starry night.  I love that you can see the stars here.  I feel bad for those of you back East who are suffering with cold and wintry weather.  It has been a little cooler here, but much warmer when compared to minus zero temps. Brrrrr!  Where ever you are I hope it is a good night!!!  Sweet dreams!!!!!  Melody

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