Wednesday, March 4, 2015


Good evening!  It has been a long day.  I woke up with the dog several times before I finally got up to go swim at 6.  Then I came home and took a nap!  But I think the swimming is doing some good.  I have sore muscles!  That should mean they are getting stronger!
I was also able to get half of my visiting teaching done, which is good, because my visiting teaching companion leaves for Hawaii tomorrow:)  And one of the ladies we visit is going next week.  I wish I could say I would be joining them:)  It does sound fun to go for a Hawaiian holiday!  But it is all fine.  I am not sure I am ready for a long plane ride...or a longer boat ride!  It is nice to be here at home.
I haven't much else to write today.  I think that is kind of nice, no big news, just life happy and normal. I hope it continues like least for a while.
And I hope all is happy and normal out in cyberspace.  Have a great night!!!  Me

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