Monday, March 9, 2015

High Flyin'

Hola!  It's a warm spring day here. I am sitting at the Honda dealership waiting for a new key to be made. We lost one traveling so this is something I needed to do. It's not my favorite thing to do on a beautiful warm day, but oh well. 
They have some shiny new cars here. I am tempted to take a test drive!  I would like to upgrade to an Accord!  Maybe next fall. 
When I get the key finished I am headed to the gym to swim. I've lost 5 pounds so far, so my plan is working. That makes me so happy!   I think I will feel so much better, maybe even eliminate some of the achey joint pain. I think counting carbs is much better than counting calories. I feel healthier and my blood sugar is much better and my doctor will have nicer things to say at my next visit;)
Our stake conference was really good yesterday. Our visiting authority was Elder Webb of the Seventy. He reminded me a lot of Bishop Webb from my youth. He looked very similar, and had a great sense of humor. He was a convert from the age of 19. He told of an old girlfriend who always was bearing her testimony to him. He said he never gave her any positive feedback when she did. But he was grateful. She pushed him to read the Book of Mormon and it bugged him because he knew it was true. So he read it a couple more times to see if he could find something wrong with it and he couldn't so he had to join the church. He was so funny telling this story. I really enjoyed his talks. After the main meeting he met with the high counsel and shared that he had his pilots license and owned a little airplane. Mel decided he really liked him!
Well I had better pay attention or I might get overlooked!  Hope all is well!  HAVVVGW!!!!!

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