Friday, March 20, 2015


Good evening! I am soooo nervous!!!! I got an email from the church art competition this morning saying they had finished the first round of judging. And that the results for my entry were in the attachment. But there was no attachment. Then I got another email saying they were having trouble with their system. So I have been anxiously waiting to hear from them all day long. A friend of mine just called to say she got a notification that she didn't make the cut. So now I'm even more nervous. I am hoping it is a good sign that I haven't heard yet. But it probably has more to do with alphabetical order. My friend's last name starts with B. ;) W is definitely at the end of the alphabet. And since it is 4:52 pm on a Friday I am thinking I may not hear today. I hope I do. I am definitely way too nervous!
I did go into work and help a little there. And I went with Kim and helped her find a new purse. I also stopped at Walmart and bought a few things we needed. But I am sitting here watching TV news now and hoping I get a friendly email from the art competition soon!
And that is my day today. I hope things are amazing and wonderful in cyberspace! Take care!!!! Me

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