Thursday, April 2, 2015


Good day to all!  I am feeling generous  today:) Anyway, it is a great day. We are leaving soon for Oregon to see my dad and his wife, Barb.  I am looking forward to this as I am gathering everything together that we will need.  We have flown there the last few times, so it will be a nice change to drive. I love the scenery once we reach Bend, Oregon.
 It is probably named after a bend in the river, but I like to think of it as a bend in the scenery.  It suddenly turns green there and the scant trees become forests as we follow the road into western Oregon.  My dad lives in a little town....Sutherlin.  It is closest to Roseburg, which is also a small town.  I like this beautiful area.  And it is only about an hour further on to the ocean.  So I am hoping we can take a day trip over to see the gardens near Sunset Bay.  They are really gorgeous...Shore Acres.  I love going there.
I finished my book....You Are Not Special.  I enjoyed it until he started sharing his rather grim beliefs in no after life.  I don't really understand how anyone could live with hope if they did not believe in life after death.  And there are so many evidences that there is a divine power that created the amazing and complicated life here on earth.  But other than his sad beliefs, it was a very good book.  I think one that teachers should read.  He had a lot of good ideas on classroom teaching, and learning.
So I downloaded a book to listen to while we drive.  I hope it is a good one.  I am really enjoying the Audible application.  It makes it so I can listen to books, which is good.  I am usually too tired to stay awake when I finally get some time to read.  This way I can listen while I drive around to all of the places I am supposed to be.  This morning I drove Taylor to school at 7 am.  He is still going to school here in Nampa, though they have moved to Boise.  So yesterday I gave Liz a break by bringing him here after his school, and then taking him there this morning.  He is a delightful grandson.  And so full of misinformation.  It is fun to listen.  Last night he was telling me about how he felt that turkeys and chickens were so close in body type and all, that they could probably mate and have babies together.  I tried to explain how most animals are limited to species for procreation, but he is pretty hard to dissuade from an idea once he has it in his mind.  I think he would make a great lawyer!  Or perhaps a science fiction writer. :)
Anyway, life seems good again.  I cannot begin to understand things can change so suddenly from good to bad and suddenly back again.  I just have to trust that the Lord has a plan.  I know He does.  And it is a good thing.  I hope things are going well for you wherever you are today!  Take care and HAVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVGW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Melody

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LeAnn said...

Have a great visit with your Dad. Enjoy every moment! Have a blessed Easter celebration. Hugs!