Monday, April 27, 2015

Happy Days!

Good Monday morning!  It is a beautiful day here.  And kind of a special one too!  We have our first squirrel!
I am so excited for this!  It means we really have made the desert blossom.  When we first moved here almost 14 years ago we didn't get anything but desert animals.  But today while Mel and I were eating breakfast we watched our first squirrel hop across the backyard lawn and jump into our Redbud tree.  He was so brave!  Especially with the dogs not too far away.  I think he may have smelled the dog food....not sure, but so glad he came!
So today is clean up day from the weekend.  And also get ready for Women's Conference.  It is Thursday and Friday.  I am picking up all five of my daughters on my way there on Wednesday....two in Boise, one in Glenn's Ferry, one in Twin Falls with two granddaughters, and then we will all go and get Julie at the SLC airport on Thursday morning.  We should have a wonderful time.  If you are wondering what Women's Conference's a link.  Women's Conference
So take care out there in cyberspace!  I hope all is happy and bright!  Here's a song we used to sing with our kids from Hap Palmer.  All those cute kids should cheer you up!!! So Many Things that Grow, Grow, Grow!  My mom was a kindergarten teacher and taught it to us.  This group is no one I know....just reminded me of days gone by.  We used to add...."And fishes!" to the chorus.  Mel didn't want to leave them out!  Sweet memories!  I miss my mom!  So have a great day!  I'm pulling for you!!!!!!!!  Melody

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LeAnn said...

I love the picture; so cute. Can I borrow it for a graphic sometime.
I think that is so awesome that you are going to Women's Conference with all your daughters. I think it is so sweet; I want to cry.
Here I live right in Salt Lake and I am not going; I must do this next year with my daughters. We have talked about it but haven't done it. Have a wonderful time with them all.
Blessings and hugs for you all too!