Saturday, April 25, 2015

Keep On Trying!

Good day!  It has been a little while since I've written.  Sorry about that.  It just seems like life gets so busy, and I get tired from it being so busy, and then I don't write very well.  So better to keep my silence I suppose.
I have been thinking about a talk I especially loved in LDS General Conference.  It was in the Saturday afternoon session.  It is titled, Latter Day Saints Keep on Trying.  If you want to read it just click on the link.  It was so inspiring to me.  Elder Renlund talked about how important it is for us to keep on forgiving others, and ourselves, as we are trying to do better.  It is one of the better explanations of why we need to forgive each other.  And how Jesus Christ is the best example of one who has suffered innocently from another's sins.  I like how he explains that the atonement has paid the price for all of that.  But I am stating it badly.  You'd better read it.  And the quote I like best is from Shakespeare, from As You Like It.  "Twas I; but ’tis not I."  Meaning that I have changed from the person I was.  And of course, we all need to change from the person we once were, or from the acts we wish we could change or erase.
So today we went to a wedding at the Boise Temple.  It was very sweet.  The couple are both returned missionaries.  I think he waited for her!  Anyway, they seem very happy.  And the sealer was a good friend of ours, so that made things especially nice.  It made me think of my own wedding.  The man who married us was Pres. Milton Ream.  He was a sweet man.  I think I didn't appreciate how very lucky we were to have him as our sealer.  I remember now the great admiration and good feelings my parents and grandparents had for him.  I think I had rather an attitude of entitlement back then.  Mel and I were talking this morning about how many kind things were done for us, that we just sort of expected.  I would like to go back and thank my parents and their parents for all of the kindnesses and good things that were done in our behalf.  I really am very grateful.
Well, I had better get back to the yard work.  Mel is being kind to me right now.  He is out mowing the back yard.  I put Buddy in his cage here in the house to get him out of the way.  He is complaining with whining.  So I had better be kind to him, too.  He is an awfully sweet puppy!  I hope all is happy and well in your neck of the woods.  I'm still pulling for you!!!  HAVVVVVVVGW!!!!!

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LeAnn said...

Thanks for reminding me to read that talk again; I remember it being a good one.
I love going to temple sealings because they always remind me of mine. We were married by Elder Ezra Taft Benson. He was a good friend of my father in law. I regret that I can't remember a lot of what he said to us. Sad!
I feel like you I did appreciate my parents enough and now they are not here. I wish I had been better with my parents in a lot of ways. Keep on enjoying that father of yours.