Monday, April 13, 2015

Sunny with a mild wind storm.

Buenos Dias!  It is a good day. I just brought my painting home....all framed and looking pretty good.  And when I went to bring it in the front door, I found a package with my new taboret in it!  So two nice things for art today.  I will have to wait for Mel to come home to help me decide where to hang this painting....and to help me do it.  It is heavy with a frame.  And also I need his help to put this taboret together....some assembly required.  I am excited to get it.  It should help me to organize my paints and brushes and solvents better.  Right now they are on a rather rickety old plant table.  Which makes me realize...I can put my plants back on it by the window! :)  So it is all good.
I am fighting a feeling of discouragement today, so both of these things help.  I also had lunch with two of my sweet daughters and a couple of grandsons, so that helps too.  I guess I am just in one of those kind of unexplainable moods.  Sure, there's plenty to be worried about, and plenty of things I would like to change, but that is not new.  So I don't know why it is more bothersome today.  Will I ever really understand how my mind and body work?  Probably not in this lifetime.  Sigh!!!  I do seem to be tired a lot lately.  Last night I woke up and worried about choir for a couple of hours.  We only had 7 people come yesterday to practice.  And it is usually like that the first week of the month.  It generally takes me begging people to please come before we get a sizable group.  But eventually they come through for me, so I don't know why it bothered me so much this time.  I am feeling like there must be something wrong with me, or I must have offended everyone, or.....  But when I really look at things in the daylight, I realize people are busy and choir is not their first priority.  And I am probably not scaring people away unknowingly.  At least I hope not:)   I am also worried about trying to keep up with everything.  It used to be so easy to get through my to-do list.  But now I really struggle to get things done.  And I am not getting any younger....that is only wishful thinking.  I guess I realize I need to simplify things, but actually doing it isn't so simple.  Boy, I sound like I am really discouraged.  And I am only mildly so.  I think it would all go away with a Haagen Daas bar and a nice book:)
So I hope things are going well in cyberspace today.  I do wish only good wishes and happiness your way!!!  Take care and HAVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVGW!!!!!!!!!!!  Melody

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LeAnn said...

I feel like we think a like sometimes. I have days when I worry and wonder and especially about getting things done. I always seem behind and I can't get caught up.
I am so happy you got your picture frames. I think it is so awesome you can have lunch with your daughters and grandchildren. I so wish my children lived nearer. I do talk with them a lot on the phone; which is good.
Blessings, hugs and hope that you will be able to do those things you like to do each day.