Thursday, May 14, 2015

And the Land we belong to is grand!!!!!

Guten Tag!  This morning I spent at the dentist.  I like my dentist.  I just started going to him last month.  Today was my second visit.  I have one more visit to get whiter teeth and then I think I am done for six months.  He is a member of the LDS church too, and used to be a high councilman, but was released to be in a bishopric.  Mel replaced him on the high council.  They also play basketball with a bunch of other guys early mornings.  So it is kind of fun to get to know him.  It is funny because he talks about how old he is.  He might be 50.  So I think I make him feel very young.  I know Mel does.  I think Mel is one of the "old men" that still plays basketball.  We had a guy in our ward that played till he was almost 80 though,  so I think they will let Mel play for a few more years.  I hope so because he loves it.   Although he complains now about being sore.  He doesn't recover quite as quickly as he used to, but at least he is doing something.  So far I am not doing so well on the exercise score.  It is bad when you can't do what you are used to doing.  I used to walk, and before that I used to run... and do jazzercise, ....and aerobics at the church with a group of ladies.  I even did weight lifting for a couple of years.  Of course not all at once.  But I have always tried to stay active.  I do like swimming, but it is such a chore!  I think I am going to have to get a better attitude about this.  I really think we need a pool in the back yard, and I often remind  Mel of how I feel:)  But I am not sure it would be that great.  My sister has a pool and says the upkeep is hard.  I think I would like to try it though.  Then I could just throw on a suit and jump in.  Now I have to drive 10 miles, change in a cold changing room, walk out in front of other people (that's the worst part!), swim for a short while, shower and change again, and then drive back home and redo my hair, and take a long nap!  It makes me tired just writing about it.  Sigh!
I just got up from a long nap....a whole hour!  It felt good.  I think I needed to catch up a little from our trip.   We are going on another trip to see Julie in another week.  She is in Oklahoma City.  It will be fun to see her and her sweet husband and their seven children.  We get to be there for a week and a half.  I have never been to Oklahoma....where the wind comes right behind the rain!  It should be an adventure.  I think we will have fun.
So a progress report on the house Buddy.  Yesterday I stopped at the local pet store and got some bitter lime spray to spray on the house corners....and came home and proceeded to spray the areas he has been chewing on.  As I was spraying he came over and started licking it!  He seemed to love the taste!!!  Sigh and double sigh!!!  So luckily the lady at the store suggested a Kong toy.  It is hollow in the middle and you can put treats inside.  She suggested I fill it with peanut butter and freeze it.  She said he would chew on it for several hours, and it might save the house.  Of course I had to buy one for Max too.  I filled them both with peanut butter and milk bones....and gave them to the dogs.  Within a half an hour Buddy had them both and cleaned them like you wouldn't believe!  Sparkling!!!  I skipped the freezing them part, because I wanted to distract him from the house.  But I guess I should try might slow him down a little.  I will try freezing them tonight.  He does love the peanut butter/milk bone combo. Funny puppy!  He is such a lovable puppy, it is hard to be mad at him.  But I sure don't like how he is chewing the house!!!
Well, I hope all is merry and bright in your neck of cyberspace!  I am definitely pulling for you!!!!  Have a wonderful rest of today.  I can't believe it is already time to cook dinner.  How the time flies!!!!!!!!  Take care!!!!!!  Melody

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LeAnn said...

Oh my gosh you just reminded me that I must get some dentist appointments myself.
I love that you husband is so active. I wish I could get my dear one to exercise. I used to do the same kind of exercises you did; but now it is off and on. I do ride the stationary bike fairly often and do strength training exercises.
Good luck with the puppy and his chewing. I wonder if the Vet would have suggestions.
I love that you get another trip. Right now I have a daughter and her husband her for his grandmother's funeral. They are here from Australia so I am talking non stop with her when they are here. They didn't bring my sweet grandchildren which is sad.
Have a lovely weekend dear friend.
Blessings and hugs!