Thursday, May 28, 2015

Good morning!

Good morning!  I thought I would post a few of these pictures from our day at the botanical gardens. The flowers were so tropical and such intense colors!  The blue ones are glass though. I guess truly blue flowers are hard to find. 

I also caught this beautiful daughter when she didn't know it. She's pretty amazing!  She is so busy with her seven children, and she just accepted a call to the stake YW presidency. I'm sure she will do well.  But I guess as her mom I hope she takes some time for herself!
This is Jacob...he's 14, I think, and delightful. He's a good artist, and very smart!
And this was a family of geese. I just want to paint them!

Off to make a new day!  I hope you have a great day out in cyberspace!  Me 

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LeAnn said...

I loved the photos of the flowers and the sweet one of your daughter and grandson. I can tell you are having a marvelous time. Keep on enjoying the moments and blessings for all!