Tuesday, May 5, 2015

I know him like a book!

Good day!  I wanted to share an amazing photo....of Buddy chewing our house!
Well, he is not actually in the photo, but I don't think Max has ever done this, and it is too high for the mice and voles.  So he is the guilty party!  And it's on every corner of the house in the back yard!  Naughty dog!!!  But if I don't catch him in the act, I am not sure how to correct the behavior.  I am going to spray the areas with a discouraging spray like Off!  But I am not sure it will work.  Mel says the replacement boards aren't that expensive.  But it is just one more thing.  On the bright side, he will probably outgrow this!  At least I hope so.
So I am going to share another experience from Women's Conference.  We wanted very much to get into the class taught by Janice Kapp Perry.  Unfortunately it was full and in overflow an hour before she was to talk.  Fortunately, the overflow room was not working well...it was hot and the sound didn't work.  So everyone left!  And the gal that was at the door said that it was supposed to get fixed, so if we wanted to go in and wait, she would let us in....one advantage to being on a scooter.  Everyone assumes you can't walk at all!  And it is embarrassing enough to be on one, so I don't usually explain that I can still walk...just not far, and please no stairs!  Anyway, she took us into the overflow room.  And it was wonderful!  It was actually kind of loud sound, the picture on the screen was great, it was a nice temperature....and no one else ever came in!  Except for the lady who had brought us in saying that people would probably show up at any moment.  But they didn't so we had the whole room to ourselves.  Kind of nice for our little sisters/daughters reunion.  Anyway, Janice K. Perry was wonderful!  Entertaining and inspiring.  She had us all sing a medley of her most popular songs....I hadn't realized some of them were hers.  She told us about how she had decided when she was 40 she should use her talent.  So she wrote down two goals.  The first was to write a Primary song.  The second was to have a song in the Primary Songbook.  She had read that goals were more powerful if you wrote them down.  And wow!  I guess it worked.  She also had a recording of her family singing a family song she had written for all of them to sing.  It was wonderful!  She said because of an illness her husband only had a three note range...but she wrote three notes just for him...singing "I love you!"  It made me cry!  After he sang his notes he was sort of dancing, and she looked at him and then said, "I know him like a book...I just don't know what page he's on!"  We all laughed at that.  Such a sweet spirit in that meeting.  She encouraged us all to write a family song.  Of course we will try.  But we already have a family song written for our family for family home evening by our home teachers.  And it is really something how even many of my grandchildren know the song.
Anyway, that is today's story.  I've got to get to work.  Take care and HAVVVVVVVVGW!!!!!!!!!!!

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LeAnn said...

Wow, I loved that story. She writes articles for Median Magazine and I love reading them. I think that is so awesome that you were able to share that sweet experience with your daughters.
Sorry about the Dog chewing. We had a dog once that chewed a deck post almost clear through; it had to be replaced.
Loved this one; hugs!