Wednesday, May 6, 2015

My moment in the sun!

Hola!  I hope you are having a great day!  I thought I would share my moment in the sun at Women's Conference today.  I know it is a little silly.  I guess since I was a small girl I have held other artists in high esteem.  I never really thought I could become one, although it was the secret wish of my heart.  But my uncle was such a good artist, and my feeling was I could never be that good.  I thought it only had to do with talent.  I figured I didn't have enough.  I guess I didn't realize that it was like any other talent....that it might improve with practice and knowledge of methods.  Happily, thanks to encouragement from family and friends, I finally got the courage to go back to school and try to develop my talents.  I know it was a little late going back to school at 60, but it was a real adventure, and I learned so much!!!  And tuition for seniors is cheap!!!  At least in Idaho.  But even with a degree in art in my pocket, I still feel like such a beginner!  And I guess I am always looking for some validation that I am good enough.
So it is especially fun for me to go to the bookstore during Women's Conference.  There are probably 20 artists set up there during the conference with big displays of their art and lots for sale.  I finally made it there on Friday evening.  I was worried that they would have all left.  But they hadn't.  And to my delight there were several there that I really admire.  Howard Lyons does beautiful work.  And many others I can't think of names just now.  But the one I was hoping to see was Liz Lemon Swindle.  Her work speaks to me.  And I have loved it since I first saw it at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building back in the 90's.  She did a beautiful series on the life of Joseph Smith.  Anyway, I went over to her table where she was signing free prints.  She wasn't too busy, so I decided to talk to her and ask some questions.  I told her I loved her work, and that I had read how she loved to paint skin in her paintings.  I told her I wish I loved it too.  And did she do any workshops??  She said that no she didn't do workshops.  She did give art lessons to children.  I think it was about then I pulled out my iPhone and showed her my painting for the Church contest.  And told her I had not made the first cut.   She laughed and said she never did well in those contests.  I also said how I hate when people pull out pictures of their work to show me, and I probably shouldn't.  And my hands were shaking so bad as I handed her my phone.  But she looked at it and in a surprised voice said, "Oh, you're good!"  It made my day.....and year!  Anyway, she said I must have an emphasis in illustration.  I said yes.  And she said she did classical style painting.  And then she talked about how she always painted green under skin.  She held out her arm to show me that it has green undertones.  She was so fun!  I really enjoyed talking with her.  And I appreciated her taking a little time to talk to me.  She said she was making some method videos that will be coming out on her website.  I am excited for that!  I know how hard it must be to sit at a table and talk to hundreds of people you don't know.  I was amazed at her graciousness.
So that was my highlight for Women's Conference.  I think it will help hold down those discouraging voices inside my head.  And perhaps inspire me to keep on painting.  If I could just get some time!  It seems like I always have so many other things calling at me!!!  I think I have a whole week in May, a couple more in July and then August looks good for painting.  I keep reminding myself that this is for my enjoyment...not for guilty feelings of not getting enough done.  It helps a little.
Well, I have talked your ear off.  I hope all is well in cyberspace!  Take care!  Remember I am pulling for you!!!!  And HAVVVVVVVVVVGW!!!!!!!!!!!!  Melody

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LeAnn said...

I think that is so awesome that you were able to visit with Liz Swindle; I admire her work. I really loved the painting you did; so you should be very proud of it. I love your enthusiasm and will always love that you went back to school to follow your passion.
Hugs for this one!