Thursday, June 11, 2015

A Senior Moment

Hola!  I think today is a good day to share a senior moment.  You know how I said Mel and I were supposed to talk at Relief Society Tuesday night?  Well, we got ready and rushed over...we are so often trying to get places on time....and as we approached the church we could only see four or five cars parked outside.  I said to Mel that it looked like a poor turnout for Relief Society!  So we parked and went in.  We went to the Relief Society room and there were a few sisters there...from another ward.  So we wandered around the church and could find no one else.  At this point I called our Relief Society president.  I figured we must have gotten the wrong location.  I said, "Terry, where are you meeting?  We must have gotten the wrong location."  She said, "Huh?  I'm not sure what you mean."  So I handed the phone to Mel.  He was the one who had talked to her previously about this after all.  He explained that Sis. McKnight had asked us to speak for Relief Society tonight and we couldn't find the location.  Our R.S. president laughed.  "It's not until next week!"  Boy, did we feel silly.  I guess I had missed Relief Society on Sunday and the announcements about when the next weekly meeting was, because I subbed a class of 8 year olds, and Mel just assumed it would be the soonest Tuesday.  So we decided to make lemonade out of our semi-lemony situation and went to the local frozen yogurt shop and had a nice treat.  But we laughed a lot.  How bad is it going to get?
Yesterday was book club.  We had a meeting at a local restaurant for breakfast.  Our president asked if someone else could please be president for a while since she had been for the last two years.  I guess it is not a position anyone is really seeking.  So after no one else spoke up, I did.  So everyone was thanking me....especially our current president.  And I told them I thought I had better take a turn while I still had reasonable health.  A friend of mine, who is a few years older said, "Yes, it just gets worse!"  Her husband is older than she is and has to use a walker and wheel chair...a former ski patrol person.  I guess that old age thing is popping up for us all in that group.  I told them about our speaking engagement that isn't until next week and they all laughed...and then had their own stories of things they had forgotten.  At least we are not alone!
Yesterday I picked up my granddaughter Ellen to come over and help me pull weeds.  She is trying to earn money for camp.  She is a delight!  We worked together for about an hour until the heat and sore muscles got to us.  I guess I am not much of a slave driver.  After we cooled off and had a break we went and picked up pizza....and got a frozen yogurt cuz it is right next to the pizza place:)  Then we came home and looked at old photos of her on my computer.  Mel finally arrived home and we ate and had a great evening.  Mel played trivia crack with Ellen and then chess, while I vegged for a bit.  I guess that hour of weeding got my knees pretty good because I have an extra sore knee now.  Oh well.
Mel has gone to work and Ellen is still sleeping.  I am not sure what we will do today.  It is hotter than yesterday already, so weeding may be out of the question.  I really want to see the new movie...The Cokeville Miracle....and it is only playing in Boise.  So we shall see.
Anyway, I hope all is well in cyberspace!  HAVVVVVVVVVVGW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Melody


LeAnn said...

I am right there with you on senior Moments. I tend to have them fairly often; which is a concern. The good thing about it all is that you have another week to be ready. Knowing me I would need it.
I loved that you volunteered to be the President; it made me smile.
There's nothing like having one on one with a grandchild. I loved all that you with your sweet grandchildren. I think you will really like the "Cokeville Miracle" we really liked it a lot. An amazing story for sure.

singing/granny said...

I look forward to seeing your comments! I think we share a lot in common. Take care dear friend.